Hi everyone and welcome to African Wealth Exposed. African culture has forever been a passion to me, being exposed to different African forms of art from the day I took my first breath, and over the years, my love for Africa has never ceased to grow more and more.


Born in Canada to Rwandese parents, I have been quickly immersed in their culture, and unlike my siblings, I’ve always shown a huge interest to Africa and its culture. At a young age, as my parents started running one of the African grocery stores in the small town of Quebec City and I became very curious to the stuff I was exposed to when being brought to work with them. African movies, food, dance, accents, name it!

Then, I slowly built an identity I forged through my exposition to African movies, despite being lowkey marginalized by my friends & siblings, for not adopting the African-American culture they liked over all, which used to be and still is in some way very popular in the housing project I spent a big part of my childhood in.

It’s important to state that at that time, and still now, you were unlikely to find young people of African origins in Canada who were proud of their roots, a tendency almost only present in adults coming from Africa to study and work in Canada, so I was quite the only one among the people of my age to embrace the African culture, until recently when I moved to Ottawa to start an undergrad program at the university, where being away from my parents made me realize that I really loved the culture they instilled in me. Being in interaction with many international students from Africa, it gave me more freedom to express my love for Africa, and more room to explore it.

Now I want to show to the world how Africa rocks and why its culture shouldn’t be slept on.

Over the past years, I’ve attended to many events promoting African culture throughout Canada, from one sea to another, and even beyond, interacted with many successful people of African descent, and learned a lot about African history and culture. Experiences that I want to share with you guys through this website.


African people have always had a hard time to show that their continent is not what the media loves to portray about it. Wars, famine, natural disasters, bad governance are often the only aspects non-African people get to hear and see about Africa, and unfortunately, this is the image several African descent young people have, hence why many of us are not proud of being African. We tend to forget what Africa intrinsically is, internalize the image the West gave it, and mistake the latter with what Africa really is.

Dakar, Senegal: A picture worthy of the most beautiful postcards

You might tend to think this picture was taken somewhere in Spain or Caribbean…think again! It’s in N’dar(Saint-Louis), northern Senegal.

This is why to me it’s important for the world to see through another dimension what is Africa all about. Every aspect of it is worth to be known and to be embraced, and I believe young people really deserve to have the occasion to know more about their continent, especially its positive side as much as on the physical side as the metaphysical side.


Scrolling through the different posts on this website, expect to be left in AWE–you got it? African wealth exposed…OK nevermind. Anyway, expect to see several aspects touching African culture (cuisine, clothing, history, festivities, traveling, etc.)

Hope you will enjoy your visit-s and, anytime you’ll leave this website, become more and more in love with Africa,

Kind regards,

Steve Rutikara
Founder of African Wealth Exposed

Steve Rutikara


  1. Steve,

    I think it’s amazing how much you love The Motherland. Although I’ve never been to Africa, I’ve always wanted to visit because it surely can’t be as bad as people in the United States make it seem.

    Too many African natives love their land, so clearly, it must be a sight to see! I’ve always loved the strong ties everyone there seem to have and it’s something I think people in the U.S. can learn from.

    • Hi Aria! I believe culture flows into our veins and is something one cannot set himself apart of. It’s unsurprisingly why we call it “roots”.

      You should definitely visit Africa, with its magnificent landscapes, vibrant cities, welcoming people, numerous cultures, the cradle of mankind. Many things deserve to be known about my beautiful continent, reason why I started this blog, to make you discover about it!


  2. I can honestly relate to this so much. Growing up in Canada, I never was interested in my culture until I was about 15-16years old. When I started embracing ,y African roots, I got laughed at a lot. But after a while, not only were people interested in it but people started embracing their African cultures as well. To this day, my high school knows me for embracing my African roots by the clothes I would wear, the good things I would say about my continent and the food I would bring. Africa is so so rich & I really admire this website and your blogs because people need to knoooooow !! Good Job Steve !!

    • Thank you Ikirezi for your encouraging words!! It is indeed now time to embrace our roots because no one will do it for us. I’m also glad to see multiple blogs and sites about African and African-American history, culture, and other related topics, that will propel us to reach excellency.

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